Corona virus update: 
Planning, Zoning, and Inspections staff are available to assist you during this challenging time.  Most are working remotely and Town offices are not open to the public.  Contact us via phone or email (link to directory) and we will get back with you. _______________________________________________________________

The Zoning Division is responsible for the following:

  • Assisting the public in their compliance with the Land Use Ordinance
  • Assisting the Town Boards and Commissions
  • Monitoring previously issued Land Use Permits
  • Processing Zoning, Special Use, and Conditional Use Permits
  • Providing the public with information regarding the Land Use Ordinance
  • Responding to citizen complaints and inquiries associated with land use activities
  • Reviewing development proposals for compliance with the Land Use Ordinance
  • Reviewing site plans

Zone Definitions

Pick one of the Carrboro zoning districts for a description and list of land uses allowed in that zone.

Land Uses Allowed in a Zone

Pick a land use and list the zones in which that land use is permissible.