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Winter Weather - February 20, 2020


Carrboro Public Works has been applying brine to streets in anticipation of the forecasted snow event. The brining activities will continue through the afternoon. Crews and equipment are ready and standing by throughout the day and through the night to perform snow removal and deicing activities to help keep our roads as safe as possible.

Public Works Street Division
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Public Works Waste Management Truck
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Solid Waste Management Division
Provides waste collection to the single-family, multi-family, and commercial   sectors.​​• Provides bulk item and yard waste collection
​Streets Division
• Provides general street maintenance services including:​• Street sweeping​• Sign installations​• Pavement markings​​• Maintenance of dirt streets, right-of-ways sidewalks, and bike paths​.​• Responsible for inclement weather street maintenance, e.g. ice and snow removal, hurricane clean-up.​​

Landscaping / Grounds Division
• Beautifies the town through landscaping and ornamental design/maintenance​• Administers loose leaf collection program​​• Provides park facility and ball field maintenance at the towns parks.​

Central Services Division
​• Provides building and repair maintenance to the town's structures
​• Manages cemetery operations, selling and marking of cemetery lots at the town cemeteries.​

Fleet Maintenance Division
​ • Maintains and repairs all town vehicles and equipment